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Solve Your Toughest Digital Forensic Problems

Helping you access user data from damaged and non-traditional devices using cutting-edge forensic techniques


Get the Data You Need

End your frustration with not being able to get the data you need.

We believe you should be able to access all the data you need to find the truth.

We use cutting-edge techniques to help you find data in places you may not have known to look, so you can safely retrieve it and solve your investigation.

gain knowledge

Our hands on training gives you the skills needed to find more answers

faster results

Our forensics experts can turn around your data in as fast as two weeks.

handle devices

Protect yourself from fentanyl and other dangerous contaminants.

We Know Digital Forensics

We understand your frustrations when you need to get data quickly and safely.

We have pioneered techniques based on our own in-house research and development that you can apply in your own investigations.

"We were able to get data from the SIM card (in a severely fire-damaged phone.) Text messages, including the day of his death. It's a credit to VTO and their skill and their expertise."

-Air Force OSI Forensics Expert

If there's data on a device,
we'll find it

Contaminated or damaged devices are often not examined because an agency assumes that no data can be recovered, or because the device is too dangerous to handle.

Through extensive in-house research, we have developed advanced techniques to safely recover data from devices in any condition.



Help us understand your forensic challenges


Our experts customize a solution based on your needs


Safely get data and find answers in your investigation


Best Practices for Handling Water Damaged Devices

Understand how to collect and clean water damaged devices in preparation for data recovery. Download our free eBook today!

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