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VTO Labs has been engaged as a consultant to numerous agencies, companies and organizations around the world. Our team comes from a broad array of industry experiences - large international technology companies, defense forces, law enforcement, education. Our team members participate in international standards bodies to help define the standards that affect our scientific discipline.

Specific areas of client engagement have included:

  • laboratory consulting,

  • disaster recovery / business continuity,

  • best practices for first responders,

  • cybersecurity consulting, 

  • standards definition,

  • process and procedures consulting and definition, and

  • custom device risk assessment. 


Expert testimony services are also available. 

To engage us for Consulting, please reach out via the Contact form.


VTO Labs conducts advanced scientific research on the data that exists on new technology devices. Intensely focused on what data may exist on these technologies, this research has profound implications in a variety of areas - digital forensics, device security, reverse engineering, national security, privacy.


We also conduct advanced scientific research on damaged devices. Our research seeks to understand the nature of the damage to electronic devices and the ability for data to persist through catastrophic damage. We work at the extremes of physical damage. Anticipating that solutions found for worst case scenarios will also inform devices that are less physically damaged.

VTO has made its name by being first in some areas and the most comprehensive in others. It's not uncommon for our device interrogation reports to exceed hundreds of pages of analysis with access to data from devices that was considered unrecoverable.

We don't conduct research for the sake of purely theoretical aspirations. All of our scientific research is intended to be practical and usable by the end recipients of these efforts. Research that does not have accessible, practical applications adds unnecessary noise to practitioners working around the world to keep our world safe.


VTO is known for finding a way or making one. When faced with new or abnormal challenges, our team gets to work, exploring unconventional options in addition to traditional methods. We are often engaged as an escalation lab after other large national laboratories and companies have failed to retrieve the data from devices.

Digital Forensics: Data Recovery and Analysis 

VTO Labs is a unique digital forensics firm focused on the most challenging issues in data recovery from new technology devices. We are employed by companies, government and law enforcement agencies around the world to retrieve data from new technology devices. We commonly access data that other companies and even manufacturers thought was impossible or ‘does not exist on the device’. 

Recovery and analysis services are available for: 

  • Mobile Devices - phones, tablets, SatNav/GPS, wearables

  • Damaged Devices - liquid, fire, ballistics, exploded, biohazard

  • Medical Devices - personal medical devices, hospital medical devices, connected systems

  • Embedded Devices - Internet of Things (IoT), cyber/physical, drones/sUAS, DVRs

  • Vehicles - infotainment systems, vehicle modules, telemetry, avionics, autonomous systems, maritime

  • Computers - enterprise infrastructure, servers, workstations, desktops, laptops

  • Network infrastructure

  • Legacy devices - old tapes, old computers, old media


Litigation Support Services 

Our specialists have years of experience in providing leadership and support to intellectual property, antitrust, and other eDiscovery intensive litigation.  We design and deploy custom configurations required to access data on “obsolete” platforms and media.  We manage the data securely throughout the litigation life-cycle for all parties. 

Our staff has supported some of the largest litigation cases in U.S. legal history working alongside the leading law firms in the world. From data collection through complex productions of non-standard data, we have vast experience to help you win cases.

To engage us for Services, please reach out via the Contact form.


When you do unique things, other people want to learn about it. Our training program has emerged to share the findings from our laboratory with the unique VTO Labs perspective. The outcomes from our training prioritize the success of the student. We want individuals to leave the course with an understanding of how to accomplish the skill the have learned and sufficient hands-on experience to complete the task.

In some instances, half of the class time is hands-on training with repetition to build skills during the class. We want students to have access to trained, experienced instructors while they are in the training class. Success for a VTO Labs instructor is for a student to arrive back at their laboratories and immediately know the tools, techniques and processes needed to apply to their particular problem set.

To learn more about our training programs, go to our Training section of the website.

Contaminated Device Solutions

Forensic laboratories are facing a growing threat for which they are unprepared. The risks to health and safety associated with the handling of evidence contaminated with residue from viruses and illegal drug manufacturing facilities are problematic.


VTO Labs has created a proprietary process for the safe decontamination of electronic devices exposed to hazardous materials. Items that were unsafe to handle can now be efficiently decontaminated and examined. Organizations no longer need to gamble with their examiners health and well-being.

To learn more about our contaminated device transport kits and training, go to our Decontamination section of the website.

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