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Avoid exposure to biohazards when collecting & examining electronic evidence

Safely handle, transport, and decontaminate electronic devices that have been exposed to biohazards


Don't risk your safety when collecting electronic devices

A device that has been exposed to hazardous materials could be the last device you ever handle.

You shouldn't have to put your health at risk when collecting evidence. With the Contaminated Device Transport Kit, you can safely collect contaminated electronic evidence on-scene and transport the evidence back to the lab for decontamination and forensic analysis.

Ensure the devices you collect or analyze are free from biohazards

collect devices

Safely collect hazardous devices and transport them back to the lab

Decontaminate in the lab

Decontaminate devices for safe handling without compromising device data

find answers

Recover evidence from digital devices and solve your investigation

Safely seize electronic devices

Contaminated Device Transport Kit

Available in three sizes for mobile phones, laptops/tablets, and drones.

Each kit includes:

  • Hard-sided transport case

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • VTO Venom on-scene cleaning solution

  • Bag for contaminated evidence

  • Absorbent packing material (meets IATA and ICAA guidelines)

  • Uniquely numbered security seal

  • Laminated on-scene instruction card

  • Online training in VTO's decontamination process


Contaminated Device Evaluation Kit

Everything you need to safely collect contaminated devices and decontaminate these devices back in the lab.

Each kit includes:

  • Contaminated Device Transport Kit

  • Online training in VTO's decontamination process

  • Two gallons of EasyDECON chemicals for laboratory cleaning

Decontamination Chemicals

Research-confirmed decontamination chemicals that allow for the safe cleanup and decontamination of biohazard risks. Intended for use in the contaminated device laboratory process.

This easy three-part solution is mixed in the laboratory when needed for decontamination.


Contaminated Device Transport Kit Reload

Restock your Contaminated Device Transport Kit with additional PPE, on-scene cleaning solution, bags, evidence tag, and laminated instruction cards.

Contaminants Neutralized

The laboratory decontamination formula has been tested for over 20 years against the following classes of contaminants:

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