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A Mobile Phone Lost in a Boating Accident

In this article from 2016, our CEO Steve Watson was contacted because of his determined research on water damaged devices. He began researching damage to electronic devices in 2015.

"Our research shows that quite often, the data still exists on the chip even though the circuit board is severely damaged.” Watson said.

This case involved a mobile phone that had been lost at sea during a boating accident.

Since 2016, we have performed research on liquid damaged devices to help investigators around the world know best practices when collecting data from damaged devices.

Our research has used fresh water and salt water from all over the world. We've soaked phones in blood, chemicals, water and other liquid solutions to determine the most effective way to retrieve data.

Do you have a liquid damaged device we can assist with?

2016 June 02. WPTV News. “Austin & Perry’s families seek help with iPhone”. Link to the original article.

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