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Back by Popular Demand - Our Drone Forensics page is back online

Many around the world know VTO Labs for our work in drone forensics. For 18 months, we conducted a research program for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Directorate. The focus of the research program was to identify data artifacts on consumer and professional drones that may be relevant during an investigation.

The output of this research program has been used by law enforcement agencies all over the world, to develop internal processes, solve active investigations, and investigate the types of data artifacts that exists on these devices. Universities have incorporated the datasets into their academic programs. Dissertations and theses have been written around the world. Digital forensic tool vendors have used the datasets to develop drone forensics capabilities to enable investigations.

VTO Drone Forensics Research

Our work in drones forensics continues in less visible ways. We provide support for active investigations with agencies around the world. We provide deep security analysis to understand what is happen at the underlying software and firmware of the systems. And nearly daily, we field questions from practitioners around world looking for continued guidance in this space. We also host training on drone forensics for law enforcement agencies and Defense branches.

The National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) hosts a copy of the drone forensic program datasets on their Computer Forensic Reference DataSets (CFReDS) webpage. Our Drone Forensics page points to their storage location simply for another way to find it quickly.

If you haven’t seen the video about our Drone Forensics Program, you can learn more here -

NIST CFReDS Drone Forensics page:

Original DHS announcement:

News coverage about VTO Labs on drone forensics and other topics:

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