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Skimmer Crime

You've seen them in the news. Credit card skimming crimes are spreading across the country, and law enforcement is having to work hard to keep up.

Skimmers steal account--and possibly PIN--numbers from us. They can be in our gas pumps, ATMs or even retail payment terminals. To add to the problem, if a skimmer is found, the data can be obscured in several ways. Without a means to translate that data into something human readable, suspects can’t be charged with fraud and account numbers can’t be blocked by issuing banks.

VTO has worked with multiple retailers and law enforcement agencies to retrieve data from skimming devices. While finding and using the devices as investigative assets can be challenging, our team is on the cutting edge of skimmer knowledge and has assisted in tracking down skimming criminals across the globe. When VTO is presented with a suspected skimming device, we read and then decode, decipher, and demodulate the data to provide account and PIN numbers as well as device identifiers (when used) of potential suspects.

Suspected skimmer use at your retail business? Contact us to get you the data you need.

photo credit: Wilkes-Barre Township Police

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