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VTO cracks into another cold case!

Remember this relic from 2007?

Some of you ol' hipsters may recall sporting this Palm Treo 700wx on your belt loop... stylus in hand. It's now an antiquated phone no longer serviced by mobile networks or software, but it is still the key to a cold case homicide investigation.

When VTO Labs was contacted by authorities investigating the case, we went to our extensive phone library and sourced a model examplar to examine and test the data extraction.

We were told that the evidence phone had been to multiple other labs, who were unable to get the data, so we knew the device would be a challenge. But, there were a couple of other obstacles right off the bat: the phone was locked with a passcode, and the device was no longer supported by any of the major mobile device forensic tools. None of those stopped VTO's lab team.

VTO acquired the data, an entire physical image of the NAND Flash chip.

It contained ALL of the data associated with the evidence device as well as tons of deleted data. The user of the device had even factory restored the device, but all of the data saved prior to the restoration was also recovered.

For help with your investigation:

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